What We Do

Direct to Retail
With over 100 products in major retailers nationwide, Family Food Brokers work as authorized manufacturer representatives for specific products depending on their marketability and retail focus. Taking a product direct to retail may be a better path to market for some products rather than through the network of distributors, jobbers and wholesalers that currently work with Family Food Brokers.


Working as manufacturer representatives, we make sure to give a clear future of success, provide transparency in our business relationships and use our nationwide network of sales and marketing representatives to give product manufacturer insight into what we are doing. We view product brokers as a great partnership and work with several manufacturer representative groups and product broker groups to find the best placement and deals for the products that we take direct to retail.


Family Food Brokers channel partners specialize in introducing niche market opportunities to targeted retailers and corporations. Through our sales partnerships and relationships with retail buyers, we can reach over 80% of retailers in the country.


Products and Services
Family Food Brokers provides a strategic sales and marketing solution for its product providers. We evaluate, support and market directly to retail buyers identified and selected based upon our client’s objectives, sales experience, and our relationships. We provide an economical alternative for our clients over maintaining a comparable internal sales and marketing team or expensive distribution alternatives. Our success is measured and rewarded based upon the success of the product and service offerings. We are truly a stealth extension of our client partners and wrap around their current efforts.


Most product development companies spend many years and millions of dollars in developing national and international sales and sales management teams and the long-term professional retail and distribution relationships that are developed and earned. A Family Food Brokers partnership will provide results at a fraction of the time and cost. Family Food Brokers can be a complete wrap-around sales and management team to your existing selling efforts.


Competitive Comparison
Family Food Brokers has established proven models and programs to market and sell the products or services of our clients. We can provide a complete national sales and sales management team for extensive growth in their product offerings at a fraction of the cost of a comparable internal sales force or traditional distribution methods. We have the capability and capacity to bring a qualified product into multiple retailers or distribution points or multiple products into a single retailer or entity quickly.


At Family Food Brokers, we seek out mutually beneficial relationships, offering a full nationwide sales force and synergies between product offerings for proven results. We can transfer our experience with one client to the marketing of additional products and services using a similar approach with each different product. Our proven record of success and knowledge of our client’s needs and objectives has strengthened our clients trust and continued commitment in Family Food Brokers.


Service Description
Through established retail relationships and our channel partner network, Family Food Brokers would introduce you and your products or services directly to retail business and distribution opportunities. We offer consistent and superior account management, product management, and support tailored to each client and product. We support unique products and services that we qualify for “model fit” and “best in class” status and quickly bring those products and services to market.


Market Analysis Summary
Family Food Brokers services the market on three levels. The Company’s target market includes the business wishing to bring its product or service to market, the channel partner who introduces the opportunity to the target, and the retailer or distributor who will ultimately purchase or offer the product or service. Our Corporate partners are nationally recognized companies with “best in class” product and service offerings. We target the consumer on many levels because of the varied products and services we represent across all demographic categories and the various direct contact points we have to the consumer.


Market Trends and Growth
Part of Family Food Brokers’ future growth depends upon selecting a meaningful partnership with “A” level products and services. Family Food Brokers will move products into new sales distribution models, and into verticals that complement our expertise, our existing relationships, and our partnerships. We look at the success of the product or service opportunity in other markets and based on that success and positive market trends, we measure how it might succeed in untapped markets represented by Family Food Brokers. With our current product and service opportunities, we are constantly working with our corporate partners to measure trends and find the opportunities for growth.


Strategy and Implementation
Family Food Brokers has developed long-term professional and personal relationships that have supported our business growth and our product offering expansion. Launching a new product line, we build custom marketing campaigns that operate independently of our clients. Through these campaigns we directly market to retail buyers and the groups that directly influence them. We understand the value of these relationships, act accordingly, and as a result have developed a defense against competition. We have and will continue to provide consistent and focused support of our clients’ products from initial analysis and market placement throughout the life cycle of the product or service.


Competitive Edge
Family Food Brokers ’s competitive edge is simple; we have the ability, capacity and experience necessary to bring our clients’ products or services to market in an effective and efficient manner to ensure success. Our established relationships streamline the process for our clients and bring their product directly to the targeted consumer. Our practices have been tested and proven and are transferable from one product offering to another; we are able to employ our success strategies with each different product and corporate partner.


Marketing Strategy
Supportive marketing is at the core of our overall business strategy. To ensure success we focus on our relationships with our corporate clients, various verticals within niche retailers and with our channel partners and buyer network responsible for successful product placement. The ability for each supplier to promote their products and support placement is key to a successful launch and long-term placement.


Sales Strategy
Family Food Brokers’ strategy for increasing revenues is based on developing, maintaining, and expanding our client relationships. Our relationship-driven approach to selling, and serviced introductions made by our channel partners, we can benefit from a “transfer of trust” between our channel partner and their retail buyer to Family Food Brokers product providers.


Additionally, we have developed a proprietary “program” selling system that allows and provides the confidence for independently contracted sales executives to introduce their most treasured corporate relationships to new or niche market product or service opportunities. Utilizing the experience of its management team and several well-seasoned and vested channel partners, Family Food Brokers selects targeted, “first-to-market”, branded, and timely products and services supported by stable, and well-financed providers. These products and services are managed and driven with sound strategy, priority, and a sense of urgency.